Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meeting our Buddy Class

Meeting our Buddy Class

Today we went up to Room 20 to meet our buddies. At first we entered the classroom quite nervously. After a short while this happened:

It was BRILLIANT to share our classroom with Room 20, and to learn a lot about our new buddies. Thank you Ms Macklow for welcoming us in, There is so much more we are looking forward to showing you!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Making Room 4 Our Own

We have been creating images which represent us in our space. We created pastel drawn self-protraits (selfies) and included some information about ourselves.

We hung them up around Room 4 to make it more colourful, and so that we are taking ownership of the space we learn in.

Our leaves represent each of us, including pictures, colours and words which mean something to each of us. At the centre of the leaves is a bird's nest, with a bird waiting for their eggs to hatch. Every leaf is different which shows off our difference, but they also include some similarities representing the things that are the same about us.

We hope you'll come in to see what we have been creating!