Monday, October 12, 2015

Building a growth mindset

Wow! That holiday flew past and now we find ourselves in the most exciting term of all. I hope everyone had a wonderful relaxing time.

This term we have lots of different focuses, but there is one in particular I am working extra hard on: building a growth mindset in everybody including myself.

This is something I am improving too, because I know that I really don't like being wrong sometimes, or seeing people who are better at doing things than me. Sometimes I'm more worried about getting the right answer sometimes than recognising how hard I've worked, or what I've learned.

To help remind me and everyone else of how changing our words can start to change our thinking, I've created a display with lots of the things we say, and how we can change what we say to continue building a growth mindset.

Come and visit our classroom and have a look at it, its really colourful and filled full of good ideas.

Aside from that, make sure you have a good read of our Senior Team Newsletter. It includes so much important information; I cannot emphasize that enough!

Looking forward to seeing everyone throughout this fantastic term.


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